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Pond Pumps

Aqua Pro carries a specialised range of fountain, waterfall and filtration pumps. We carry all the major brands and can assist you in selecting the correct pump for your project.

Pumps are an essential part of any water garden. They are selected to operate a fountain / waterfall, filtration system or simply aerate water.

Fountain / waterfall pumps are available in a variety of sizes, and should be selected based on their flow rate and lifting height....we can help you make the right choice, so take advantage of our experience.

Filtration pumps are designed primarily to operate filtration systems, but can also be used to operate large fountains and waterfalls. These solids handling pumps are available in a variety of sizes (3500lph - 40000lph), and are selected based on the volume of the pond, size of the filter, and flow rate required.

All pumps can be used to simply circulate / aerate water. This circulation results in adding oxygen to the water, assisting with water clarity and helping to sustain a natural balance. So consider the following when choosing a pump:

  1. Purpose for the pump (i.e. filtration, waterfall or fountain effect)
  2. Lifting height required from water level
  3. Flow rate required
  4. Location (i.e. submersible or external to water), and
  5. Voltage of the pump (i.e. 240v or low voltage).
  We are the distributor of the brand Eco Force and Tidal Wave pumps offering 240volt and low voltage filtration pumps and a huge range of fountain pumps.


Pond Filtration

A filtration system is an excellent way to keep your pond water healthy and clear with minimal maintenance. Aqua Pro has a range of filtration systems depending on the size of your pond from the most simplistic to the most sophisticated. We have qualified staff on hand to explain the importance of filtration and how it can be easily integrated into your project.

Filtration systems can be installed either in the water (in-pond filter) or external to the pond (pressurized or KOI/gravity filters).

In-pond filters are generally used for small ponds, or ponds where there has been no provision for external filtration. An in-pond filter in the shape of a block sponge, attached to the front of the pump, will often be adequate for a small pond, providing a basic level of mechanical filtration. Fish ponds or ponds with exposure to sunlight, will benefit from filtration that incorporates not only mechanical filtering but also biological and ultra violet clarification. The Filtrall 5000 is a small in-pond filter providing these 3 levels of filtration.

The most effective type of filtration is external filtration. External filters are available as either pressurized or KOI/Gravity filters. These filters isolate the collection of solids and sludge, as well as cultivating higher levels of bacteria making them more biologically efficient. Ultraviolet clarifier can be incorporated into these filter systems to provide a higher level of water clarity.  A popular pressurized filter is the Hozelock revolution UVC 6000 and 14000.



Aqua Pro stocks an extensive range of pre-fabricated fibreglass base ponds in a variety of shapes and sizes, please see our fibreglass pond catalogue for sizes. 

We manufacture our own range of formal square, rectangle and round fibreglass ponds, these ponds are strong enough to be used above or below ground and have a smooth high gloss black finish.


Ultra Violet Clarifiers

Often referred to as a UVC, an Ultra Violet Clarifier is an integral part of any filtration system. They are responsible for improving water clarity by removing microscopic algae cells, otherwise known as green water. Available in a range of sizes (5 watt - 110 watt) to suit any size pond. Your UVC needs to be matched to your pumps flow to our staff, and let us size your new U.V.C today.


Water Features

Aqua Pro's range of fibreglass bases can be paired with our heavy duty galvanized steel grates to provide the ultimate low maintenance bubbling pebble feature. Our steel grates can also support our range of glazed terracotta urns.

Visit our showroom today to see these concepts in action.

Underwater Lights

Making your pond a beautiful feature at night can be achieved very easily with the addition of an underwater lighting system. Underwater lights are 'low voltage' making the installation safe, easy, and achievable yourself. Aqua Pro has both Halogen and LED lighting depending on the effect you wish to create. Our staff can help you identify the right system for your project, and show you how to install it.


Flexible Pipe and Fittings

We carry a huge range of pipes and fitting in sizes ranging from 4mm to 70mm to cater for all projects, our pipe range includes black flexible pipes. clear vinyl tubing, pvc pressure pipe and hard rigid pipes. Our huge fitting range allows us to adapt to virtually anything.


Pond Treatments

We stock all the major brands and cater for all your ponds requirements from water agers to algae killers.



Impellers and Spares

We can organize spare parts for all our brands and carry most of them in stock, please call our staff for more information and to check availability.

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